Aveiro’s Centro Ciência Viva Factory in TEDxYouth@Aveiro

Being aware of the value of scientific culture in society, Aveiro University has been investing in promoting Science within community, especially among young people. It is in this context that Aveiro’s Centro Ciência Viva fits. This project is a result of a partnership between the University and National Agency for Scientific and Technologic Culture.
Factory’s goal is to promote and scientific and technologic culture, through a variety of means of communication, such as interactive exhibitions, labs, 3D films, Science’s Theatre and shows that are part of this Centre permanent offers.
In TedxYouth@Aveiro , the Factory will have different forms of interactive Science, as MindBall, in which participants must move the ball by using “mind’s strength”. Through Alpha and Theta brain waves analysis, this technology allows observation of participants’ brain activity in real time.