Hotel Moliceiro is a partner of TEDxYouth@Aveiro!

The organization of TEDxYouth@Aveiro formalized a partnership with Hotel Moliceiro, which will be the exclusive and official partner of this event.
Moliceiro Hotel is a hotel in Aveiro city center, offering a high quality  space and services. Charming, romantic and familiar, radiates an atmosphere of rare comfort in each of its rooms, providing guests with a unique treatment tailored to your needs and taste. An excellent place for your wedding ceremony, to celebrate a birthday or to have a great weekend for your wedding anniversary.  With breathtaking views, modern amenities, contemporary décor and amazing catering, Moliceiro Hotel is one of the top visited hotels in the area.
All participants whose inscription has already been done, have the opportunity to enjoy privileged conditions of staying at Hotel Moliceiro.