Hotel Moliceiro is a partner of TEDxYouth@Aveiro!

The organization of TEDxYouth@Aveiro formalized a partnership with Hotel Moliceiro, which will be the exclusive and official partner of this event. Moliceiro Hotel is a hotel in Aveiro city center, offering a high quality  space and services. Charming, romantic and familiar, radiates an atmosphere of rare comfort in each of its rooms, providing guests with a unique treatment tailored to your needs and taste. An excellent place for your wedding ceremony, to celebrate a birthday or to have a great weekend for your wedding anniversary.  With breathtaking views, modern amenities, contemporary décor and amazing catering, Moliceiro Hotel is one of the top visited hotels in

Happy holidays! /Boas festas!

Books, toys, clothes, shoes, games, and even one bicycle! Today the presents you brought us on the day of TEDxYouth@Aveiro were given to our partner institutions! This challenge was accepted very well and so we are able to help to some kids in need from Aveiro and Ilhavo. Dozens of presents that you brought us on the day of the event were given to the “Associação de Melhoramento” from Eixo and to “Obra da Criança,” from Ilhavo. This way we ll together make Christmas warmer and merrier for some of the children. Thank you all for participating! Livros, brinquedos,

A Graffiti Bus!

people and adults from our community to graffiti — with words of inspiration and great ideas — a bus parked in ther city’s center. We wanted to showcase the creativity and ideas of our young people. Check out our project! To launch a promotional campaign for the event, we decided to paint a bus in the city center! Why bus graffiti? Because the motto of this year’s event is “You Think, Therefore You Create,” and we wanted to showcase the creativity of our youth. And we did — we invited local young people to participate in this project, and

The most beautiful wall in Aveiro

Everyone who passed by the Cathedral of Aveiro today, witnessed an extraordinary exposition of urban art, dedicated to the wish of JR, a French artist who promotes use of art with a goal to “turn the world inside out”. “Inside Out” is the name of his project that has been presented through the expositions all around the world. More than 30 pupils that are involved in the organization of our TEDxYouth@Aveiro were challenged to send a message through different facial expressions, take photos of themselves, and finally paste the posters in the city. This street exposition turned a clody

Aveiro’s Centro Ciência Viva Factory in TEDxYouth@Aveiro

Being aware of the value of scientific culture in society, Aveiro University has been investing in promoting Science within community, especially among young people. It is in this context that Aveiro’s Centro Ciência Viva fits. This project is a result of a partnership between the University and National Agency for Scientific and Technologic Culture. Factory’s goal is to promote and scientific and technologic culture, through a variety of means of communication, such as interactive exhibitions, labs, 3D films, Science’s Theatre and shows that are part of this Centre permanent offers. In TedxYouth@Aveiro , the Factory will have different forms

InCentor is a GOLDEN SPONSOR of TEDxYouth@Aveiro

inCentor’s mission is to produce and manage knowledge in areas of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship across the various sectors. We provide project management, innovation management, knowledge management, management of electronic platforms and training. We seek to observe, diagnose and forecast the trends in the market, technology and products, generate information and knowledge to support strategic decision-making to induce the creation of conditions for the development of new products, services and markets, providing products and innovative services, and promote the development of R & D in cooperation with national and international organizations. We want to create conditions for the development of


ENDU – Educational Energies – intends to ally innovation, research and technology with pedagogy. Based on the human capital and quality, ENDU aims to address good services in training, communication and supply of the best technology available. TEDxYouth@Aveiro aims to position itself as an event to share knowledge and ideas and as a promoter of changes in our communities, and it is specifically addressed to the educational community. Therefore the partnership with ENDU – Educational Energies – is established naturally, and represents itself an unquestionable asset for this event. ENDU has different didactic solutions that can be adapt in

Pré-Registo inicia-se a 6 de Setembro!

O TEDxAveiro foi um sucesso! O seu site ( antes do dia do evento, tinha já mais de 10 mil visitas, mais de 77 mil páginas vistas, e fora visitado por pessoas oriundas de mais de 30 países diferentes!!! Assim e partindo do pressuposto que queremos sempre mais e melhor para todos aqueles que nos acompanham, o site do TEDxYouth@Aveiro será bilingue, em Português e Inglês! Para que todos saibam o que fazemos, o que promovemos, quem são os nossos parceiros e quem serão os nossos oradores no TEDxYouth@Aveiro, no dia 20 de Novembro, subordinado ao tema “Pequenos Passos, Grandes

TEDxYouth@Aveiro… But, why? :)

Today we ll explain what makes TEDx so different than conferences where you almost fall asleep. We ll give you five reasons to attend our TEDxYouth@Aveiro event that will be  held on 20th of November. TEDx is for everyone! Someone said that wisdom does not mean anything if the one who holds it doesn’t know how to transmit it to the people that he is talking to. TEDx chooses speakers that are not only smart, but that won’t lose themselves in complicated scientific or artistic verbalism. Suddenly, everyone will be able to understand nuclear collisions in CERN, delicacy of music

Contisystem is a technological partner of TEDxYouth@Aveiro

Following it’s goal, “Forward Thinking”, Contisystem easily identified with the principles of TEDx. From the first momentContisystem has been supporting TEDxAveiro and TEDxCoimbra, as well as now TEDxYouth@ Aveiro. This partnership is effectuated through Technical Management of the event and the availability of its CTS Events, which helps managing the licensing of all events. This system does managing and controlling of TEDx event with various degrees of assistants and with a complete cycle Management  Accreditation, starting with registration of the audience, control of payments, printing tickets and access cards to the event. This is a fully integrated system, with public website for registration, a complete back office management of the event and applications for PDA for

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