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Anastasiya Savchenko is originally from Ukraine, married, recently moved to Aveiro. Graduated in Economics and Management at Kyiv National University. She has more than 10 years of experience in youth, public and social fields. In 2002 she started working for the UN, being a part of numerous projects for promotion of millennium development goals on human development policy, governance, equal opportunities etc. Since 2005 works as a trainer in the field of personal development at the International Synergy Group. She was a volunteer in various international projects in US, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Ukraine, etc. Her passion for Portugal and social field made her moving to the country of Camões, where she, together with friends, found the Cultural Youth Association AGOR@ to promote active citizenship in Aveiro by developing social and youth projects. Her life vision is to create the world that works for everyone out of love, care and cooperation.
Andre Cester Costa, 33 years old, married, born in Aveiro, where he still lives. He is graduated in Management and Planning in Tourism and pos-graduated in Innovations and Development Policy at the University of Aveiro. He was the Assistant Venue Manager at the Municipal Stadium of Aveiro during EURO 2004, working closely with the Tournament Director, and between 2005 and 2007 he lectured the discipline of “Event Planning” at the Specialization Course “Organisation and Event Management” at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. Since 2004 he has been responsible for the management of co-financed projects by the EU in the municipality of Aveiro. In August 2007 he was appointed as Coordinator of the Economic Development and Structural Funds Office at the Municipality of Aveiro.
Parallel to his professional career he has been a volunteer in some local projects in the areas of poverty, NGOs, human rights and sports.
Fernando Santos is an expert in management of Technologic Projects, in the design of technological solutions to support business management and the impact of those solutions on people and organizations. He is an entrepreneur, that has created several technological start-ups and has a degree and a master degree in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineer at the University of Aveiro. He is the Executive Director of grupUNAVE, a company of the University of Aveiro, responsible for the connection between enterprises and the University, and he is the Director of the Incubation Centre of the University of Aveiro. He is also CTO of Contisystems, and was a founder and CEO of IN2B, founder and CIO of Wellness Spa Center, founder and CEO of Micro I/O, and a Business Unit Manager of GFI Portugal. He was also the Chairman of Inova-Ria – Association of Companies.
Fernando Moreira, 42 years old, lives in Aveiro and works in Lisbon. He got a Specialist Degree in Management and Marketing at IPAM. Currently works at PepsiCo Portugal as Area Manager and is responsible for the Market of the city and region of Lisbon. By being a part of Matutano, which belongs to International PepsiCo Group, during 21 years, Fernando has undertaken different responsibilities including Sales Trainer, Key Account Supervisor and Gs Supervisor.
His biggest life challenge is to be the best father and husband.
The only place that relaxes him is the Ocean, particulary while diving.
He was involved into different projects in the field of social work and today he is the President of General Assembly of the NGO Agor@ – the association that promotes active citizenship.

Nataša Gološin was born in 1981 in Serbia (ex Yugoslavia). She has been working as a journalist since 2002, writing and developing features mostly about social issues. Most of her articles were published in a different editions of the company Ringier, Swiss international media enterprise. She was educated at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, where she studied International Relations. Besides that, she continued education through various relevant institutions (European Movement in Serbia, Danish School of Journalism, Center for Democracy and Modern Skills) where she obtained diplomas in Applied Democracy, Ethics in journalism, Human Rights and Marketing in Politics. Since she moved to Portugal year and a half ago, she kept writing, but has also set up a Non-governmental organization Agor@, intending to promote the concept of active citizenship in Aveiro, through exchanges, workshops and other actions, such is TEDxYouth Aveiro.

Teresa Rocha Santos, graduated in analytical chemistry from chemistry department, University of Aveiro in 1996 and PhD in Chemistry from chemistry department, University of Aveiro in 2000. From 2000 she has been working for ISEIT/Viseu – Institute Piaget as Assistant Professor until 2009 and as Associate Professor from 2009. From 2010 she has also been a post-doc researcher at University of Aveiro and Instituto Piaget. Since 2000, she continued developing research work in the environmental analytical chemistry and biomedical engineering areas mainly in the development of optical fiber sensors for clinical and environmental applications and treatment of industrial effluents. Since 2002 she is leader or participant in several funded (FCT, NATO) research projects in the above mentioned areas.