The most beautiful wall in Aveiro

Everyone who passed by the Cathedral of Aveiro today, witnessed an extraordinary exposition of urban art, dedicated to the wish of JR, a French artist who promotes use of art with a goal to “turn the world inside out”. “Inside Out” is the name of his project that has been presented through the expositions all around the world.
More than 30 pupils that are involved in the organization of our TEDxYouth@Aveiro were challenged to send a message through different facial expressions, take photos of themselves, and finally paste the posters in the city. This street exposition turned a clody 1st of November into a cheerfull day in Aveiro! It was done by the pupils from Mário Sacramento high school, but students from another schools helped in pasting the posters. And what can we see on this exposition? Today, just a faces of pupils from our high schools, but soon these proactive youngsters will become our doctors, professors, singers of opera and who knows what else. They are our futere. On the 20th of November some of them will show us their talents, being speakers and performers of TEDxYouth@Aveiro. If you are curious to see and hear them you still can make here your pre-registration.