Welcome to TEDxYouth@Aveiro!


Youth of Aveiro, think.
Think of the history, but look into the future.
Think of the progress, but don’t forget nature.
Think of the problems, but come up with solutions.
Youth of Aveiro, think. And create better.

We would like you to be aware of your important task – to create a brighter future for all of us. The planet will stay, like a fragile egg in your hands. Think globally, create locally.
We count of you.

This year, your participation in TEDxYouth@Aveiro, is just a step forward, towards the future that will be colored with your ideas and your solutions. On 20th of November, Theatre of Aveiro will be your stage to share your ideas. One day, soon, your stage will be the entire world. Everything will depend on you.

We believe in you, we believe that you will think constructive, think innovative, think forward.

We believe that from this way of thinking beautiful products will be created. Think positive, believe in yourself, love each other, help each other. Respect life, create life. Respect your parents, teach your children, think of your partner, as choosing the best 3 year anniversary gift. Go further and further in your live and don’t let it scares you.
Never be afraid of thinking and doing. Only some ideas were born perfect, but then creativity and re-thinking made them better.

Let your ideas be, let them live, share them with us, tell us what you think. Remember: when you share ideas, at the end you’ll have more of them. You don’t have to change the world, but surely you can do some little share and make it a better place to be. Think of that. Create your idea. Create your world. Create your future. Think. Create.

You think, therefore you create

Welcome to TEDxYouth@Aveiro, where we believe in your creations.

For more details about TED, check out here.

Hotel Moliceiro is a partner of TEDxYouth@Aveiro!
Hotel Moliceiro is a partner of TEDxYouth@Aveiro!
The organization of TEDxYouth@Aveiro formalized a partnership with Hotel Moliceiro, which will be the exclusive and official partner of this event. Moliceiro Hotel is a hotel in Aveiro city center, offering a high quality  space and services. Charming, romantic and familiar, radiates an atmosphere of rare comfort in each of its rooms, providing guests with a unique treatment tailored to your needs and taste. An excellent place for your wedding ceremony, to celebrate a birthday or to have a great weekend for your wedding anniversary.  With breathtaking views, modern amenities, contemporary décor and...
Happy holidays! /Boas festas!
Happy holidays! /Boas festas!
Books, toys, clothes, shoes, games, and even one bicycle! Today the presents you brought us on the day of TEDxYouth@Aveiro were given to our partner institutions! This challenge was accepted very well and so we are able to help to some kids in need from Aveiro and Ilhavo. Dozens of presents that you brought us on the day of the event were given to the “Associação de Melhoramento” from Eixo and to “Obra da Criança,” from Ilhavo. This way we ll together make Christmas warmer and merrier for some...
A Graffiti Bus!
A Graffiti Bus!
people and adults from our community to graffiti — with words of inspiration and great ideas — a bus parked in ther city’s center. We wanted to showcase the creativity and ideas of our young people. Check out our project! To launch a promotional campaign for the event, we decided to paint a bus in the city center! Why bus graffiti? Because the motto of this year’s event is “You Think, Therefore You Create,” and we wanted to showcase the creativity of our youth. And we did — we...
The most beautiful wall in Aveiro
The most beautiful wall in Aveiro
Everyone who passed by the Cathedral of Aveiro today, witnessed an extraordinary exposition of urban art, dedicated to the wish of JR, a French artist who promotes use of art with a goal to “turn the world inside out”. “Inside Out” is the name of his project that has been presented through the expositions all around the world. More than 30 pupils that are involved in the organization of our TEDxYouth@Aveiro were challenged to send a message through different facial expressions, take photos of themselves, and finally paste the...