ENDU – Educational Energies – intends to ally innovation, research and technology with pedagogy. Based on the human capital and quality, ENDU aims to address good services in training, communication and supply of the best technology available.

TEDxYouth@Aveiro aims to position itself as an event to share knowledge and ideas and as a promoter of changes in our communities, and it is specifically addressed to the educational community. Therefore the partnership with ENDU – Educational Energies – is established naturally, and represents itself an unquestionable asset for this event.

ENDU has different didactic solutions that can be adapt in several contexts, always with an educational perspective centred in the student. In the day of the event we will be able to know better those technological solutions. The “Empreendu – Entrepreneurial and Innovation” (www.empreendu.com) , that has been developed in many places around the country (with public and private institutions) aims to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the its users (young and adult people).