TEDxYouth@Aveiro… But, why? :)

Today we ll explain what makes TEDx so different than conferences where you almost fall asleep. We ll give you five reasons to attend our TEDxYouth@Aveiro event that will be  held on 20th of November.

  1. TEDx is for everyone! Someone said that wisdom does not mean anything if the one who holds it doesn’t know how to transmit it to the people that he is talking to. TEDx chooses speakers that are not only smart, but that won’t lose themselves in complicated scientific or artistic verbalism. Suddenly, everyone will be able to understand nuclear collisions in CERN, delicacy of music or environmental threats. That s why everyone is welcome to our TEDx.
  2. TEDx is inspiring! For a minimum fee TEDx will overwhelm you with bunch of ideas and push you to think! This is not that usual in our consumer’s world where everything is so simplified that many times we forget to turn on our brains. Are we taking the maximum of our life? And are we giving the maximum to this world? In between studying, working and busy hours, have you ever had time to think about what can you change in your life? Surely, after TEDx, you will.
  3. TEDx explains how small steps can make a big difference!  And this is exactly the motto of ourTEDxYouth@Aveiro. How one windmill made of scrap, by 15 years old pupil can change life of an entire poor village in Malawi?  Who could imagine that one course of calligraphy will inspire Steve Jobs decade later to start with MAC brand? Everything is about the idea. And even if it is small, it can make a big difference!
  4. TEDx is contagious! Once you enter to the world of TED Talks you ll never go out again. Hunger for new ideas and for changing this world into a better place will never stop. TED knows this and that’s why new inspiring and fascinating, or rather informative talks are daily available on the website www.ted.com.
  5. TEDx is in your town! It is very expensive to go to a big TED conference that is held each year in California. That s why we are bringing TEDx to you and to Aveiro! Use the opportunity and become a part of global TED community. Do you know better way to spend 20 of November than to breath, share and live inspiration and ideas? And this is what TEDx will allow you! Join us on the Universal Children’s day. Hurry up with your pre-registration. www.tedxyouthaveiro.com